June 10, 2016 News

Common Has Yet To Meet John Legend’s Daughter: Why Does He Hate Babies?

Rapper and actor Common has yet to meet Luna, the now almost two-month old daughter of his friend and collaborator John Legend, raising one obvious question: Why does Common hate babies so much?

“I haven’t met Luna yet, but I will,” Common told People, in that way friends who don’t really want to see a baby make those sorts of empty promises to fulfill the basic minimum niceties of the social contract.

Clearly flustered, Common quickly doubled down on his lie. “I told [Legend] I have to see her soon, because I missed out on a barbecue they were having for Memorial Day and that was the opportunity that I would have had to see her for the first time,” he rambled, suddenly and intently focused on nervously nudging a pebble on the ground with the toe of his boot.

Common reportedly missed his first chance to meet Luna because he was in his hometown Chicago to promote The Super School Project, an organization that makes “an open call to rethink and redesign the American high school”—and also, no surprise here, is completely devoid of children under 1 year of age. Common has certainly had a busy year of these kinds of pressing “obligations,” including starring in the third installment of the Barbershop series and the highly anticipated Suicide Squad, all while noticeably staying away from babies.

It’s as yet unclear whether Common’s obvious vitriol for the miracle of new human life extends to all babies, or just John Legend’s baby.

After all, he’s often photographed enjoying quality time with his own teenaged daughter, Omoye—though of course, she is far removed from infancy. Adding salt to the wound, Omoye notably attended both the Grammy and Golden Globe ceremonies to cheer on her dad and Legend as they accepted awards for their song, “Glory.” So, although it’s pretty clear John Legend has at least been introduced to Omoye and likely had nothing but praise for the teen, Common still stubbornly refuses to so much as be seen with Legend’s own offspring.

“I love him,” Common said about Legend. “We just created a new song that he just gave to me last night that’s beautiful. I’m excited about it.” But when asked if Baby Luna might be the song’s subject, Common quickly set the record straight, lest we forget about his open distaste for babies: “No, it’s something else that we worked on together,” he quickly corrected.

“But nothing’s greater than Luna,” he added unconvincingly.