April 27, 2016 News

Dakota Johnson Tired Of Faking Sex For Her Fake Sex Movie

In a new profile for Interview, Dakota Johnson says that—after months of filming the two upcoming installments of Fifty Shades back to back—she’s tired of faking sex for her fake sex movies.

“Well, we’re not having actual sex. But I’ve been simulating sex for seven hours straight now, and I’m over it,” said Johnson, who plays the lead in the fake-sex-filled Fifty Shades Of Grey film series, based on the fake-sex-filled books by E.L. James. When Johnson first signed on to do a film adaptation of a book trilogy that’s almost exclusively about sexual awakenings, BDSM, anal sex, and other sexual fetishes—relayed in a wildly fanciful, wholly imaginary fabrication of how humans actually have sex with one another—she probably didn’t expect the films to actually be about those things.

“It’s pretty tedious,” Johnson adds, implicitly wondering when her wildly popular fake sex movie is going to start focusing on stuff that isn’t the wildly popular fake sex, such as the fake relationships between its incredibly fake characters.

Of course, much as fans of Fifty Shades are quick to repudiate the idea that their beloved fake sex books are just about fake people having fake sex to fuel the readers’ fake sex fantasies, Dakota Johnson is probably just tired of concentrating on the surface-level aspects of Fifty Shades. After all, there’s plenty of artistic merit to be found in Fifty Shades besides the sex stuff. Like, the plot or whatever.

Anyway, the fact that Dakota Johnson is also looking for more than just the fake sex in her fake sex movies will no doubt prove reassuring to fans, who will appreciatively fast-forward over those parts looking for something to masturbate to.