February 15, 2016 News

Ghost Of Robin Williams Bothered By Dipshit Hollywood Medium

During a recent episode of the reality show that likely interrupted a killer comedy set going on in heaven, the ghost of Robin Williams was bothered by some dipshit medium, who ripped Williams away from the euphoria of the afterlife to talk to him on some pissant reality TV show.

Tyler Henry is the 20-year-old titular star of the new E! television series Hollywood Medium, in which he uses his special gift of clairvoyance to annoy the deceased friends and relatives of Hollywood celebrities. On a recent episode, Henry was joined by comedian Margaret Cho and claimed to feel the presence of Cho’s recently deceased former mentor, Robin Williams.

“When he comes through, he feels like he inspired everyone that he was around,” said Henry, reiterating one of the many trite observations about Williams that literally anyone could have made, fake psychic ability or no. The comedian’s spirit likely grit his teeth through the obnoxious display while he imagined all the places he’d rather be spending his time post-mortem, like riffing with Jonathan Winters or watching the Marx Brothers perform one of their classic routines.

“But it’s interesting because he himself felt inspired by the people that he got to work with as well,” continued Henry, brazenly wasting Robin Williams’ time at this point.

Henry then expounded on Robin Williams’ personal thoughts surrounding his suicide, a topic that was probably exactly what the comedian wanted to talk about during his one and only chance to communicate from beyond the grave. “He doesn’t so much reference to a big, chemical imbalance, as much as, ‘I feel like I have another health issue that I just don’t want to have to suffer through,’” said Henry on behalf of Williams, whose widow already explained that health issue in detail and without dragging him out of the spirit world.

The legendary comedian likely went on to say, “Honestly, I’d rather not talk about this incredibly private matter on television. Also, I don’t really know who you are and I’ve got other, better things to do for the rest of eternity.”

At the end of the day, Margaret Cho seemed to take some comfort in the Hollywood medium’s incessant pestering of her old mentor. As for anyone else concerned with the well-being of Robin Williams’ spirit, they can take solace in the fact that Tyler Henry’s career is based solely on exploiting the grief of celebrities—specifically those who happen to be close to recently deceased famous people—to increase interest in his TV show, and is therefore just a lying dipshit.