November 18, 2015 News

Harry Styles Hooked Up With A Fan, And It Probably Wasn’t A Total Letdown For Her

During One Direction’s recent appearance on Ellen, Harry Styles reveals that he once hooked up with a fan. And while we have no way of verifying it, we’re sure that, for this very lucky young woman, this brief affair with a pop star didn’t amount to a complete and total letdown in every way.

Like so many celebrities before them, the boy band’s intimate secrets were revealed over the course of a game of “Never Have I Ever,” during which Ellen DeGeneres offered up confessional statements and the One Direction members were asked to admit whether they are personally true or not. Most of the embarrassing admissions got a hearty chuckle from the crowd, but they really went wild when Harry Styles admitted that he and a fan once had sex—an event that we’re sure lived up to the fan’s every expectation and wasn’t absolutely, devastatingly disappointing.

After all, the first time you have sex with someone is always the best time.

Whoever this lucky fan was, she probably spent years imagining what it might be like if she ever got to be alone with the one and only Harry Styles. She likely lied awake every night, looking at the One Direction poster on her wall, thinking about how exciting and romantic it would be to have a steamy one-night stand with her favorite singer.

And so, when the day finally came and the two got down to business—probably in the back of a tour bus or a cramped greenroom strewn with empty water bottles and sweating deli trays—she must have been thoroughly satisfied with the two-and-a-half minutes of awkward, impersonal sex they fumbled their way through, before Harry Styles gave a long sigh and asked if she wanted free tickets to a show or something, then had her escorted out by security.

What a dream come true!

Anyway, this mystery fan joins the hundreds of other lucky young men and women who finally got the chance to hook up with their favorite celebrities, then discovered that the real-life equivalent of their intimate fantasy is just as vivid and emotionally fulfilling as they always imagined.

Like the saying goes, “Never meet your heroes—but if you bone them, it’ll definitely be just as good as you think it’ll be.”