June 16, 2016 News

Internet Behaves Like Assholes About Person’s Face

The internet, the global system of interconnected computer networks that use the internet protocol suite to link billions of devices worldwide, decided to be a real dick about a person’s face today.

The largest collection of data and information the world has ever known bore witness to Meg Ryan presenting at Sunday night’s Tony Awards, where it saw her face. The world’s 3 billion internet connected human residents then proceeded to tee off on her and let her know that her face was unpleasant now.

Ryan is now older, and signs of her aging are visible. So naturally, the World Wide Web decided to rip her a metaphorical new asshole over it.

Like these chucklefucks did:

Or this jackass:

Or this miserable little pantywaist:

And so on.

So in addition to offering empty tributes to victims of tragedy, this is what the most revolutionary technological advancement since the Industrial Revolution is going to be doing today. Fuck it all then, we guess.