January 19, 2016 News

Leonardo DiCaprio And Rihanna Not Having Sex, Though Adorable Snuggling Can’t Be Ruled Out

According to numerous sources, Leonardo DiCaprio and Rihanna were spotted partying together at a Paris nightclub. But while this has given rise to old rumors that the two are an item, don’t get too excited. Sources close to the pair claim that they’re not having sex—although these sources did not explicitly rule out snuggling under the covers of a warm blanket.

The newly single DiCaprio was enjoying himself at L’Arc when he had what appeared to be a chance encounter with Rihanna, who was reportedly there with model/actress Cara Delevingne. And while photos of the two in each other’s orbit have made the rounds—and even appear to show DiCaprio and Rihanna kissing—TMZ’s insiders claim that it’s being blown out of proportion, and there was definitely no “tongue wrestling” or “banging,” adding that ”nothing that hot happened.”

However, there is conspicuously nothing denying that the two strolled to a nearby park to watch the sunrise, after which Rihanna delicately placed her head on Leo’s shoulder and sighed contentedly.

Of course, there would certainly be nothing wrong with the two getting involved. DiCaprio is a free man, and therefore allowed to rub noses over a steamy cup of cocoa with anyone he wants. And after he and Rihanna were spotted “gettin’ hot” at the Playboy Mansion last year, it’s not that big a leap to speculate that DiCaprio and Rihanna could have reunited in Paris, where DiCaprio might have embraced Rhianna and let his arms make her feel as though nothing in the world could hurt her because she was so incredibly safe.

And if they didn’t split an ice cream sundae, then share a laugh as an errant glob of whipped cream made its way onto Leonardo DiCaprio’s nose, why the rush to conceal it?

In fact, DiCaprio’s representatives are reportedly doing everything in their power to ensure photos of the two are blocked by France’s privacy laws. And involving the French government seems like an awful lot of effort to protect a couple of people who weren’t caught nuzzling before a warm fireplace on a cold Paris night, falling asleep while they bonded over their shared favorite memories from childhood.

Pretty suspicious if you ask us!

Still, TMZ insists that nothing adorable happened, and that DiCaprio is still free to pursue the sort of “Victoria’s Secret model” that he’s more traditionally dated for the purposes of fucking. At least, until he realizes that he has something special with Rihanna, who’s willing to be the big spoon every once in a while.