June 16, 2016 News

North West Adorably Longs For Parents To Stop

In a new photo, Kanye West and Kim Kardashian’s daughter North adorably shows how completely and preciously fed up she is with her parent’s relentless quest to publicize every single moment of their lives.

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Seriously, how cute is North’s precociously incisive disgust at her parents’ commodification of virtually every scrap of family intimacy?

North, who turns 3 on Wednesday, pulls the absolute most squee-worthy look of consternation in the pic that her mom took during a recent tropical vacation—one that has already been teased on Instagram and will eventually become a story arc in Keeping Up With The Kardashians, a show that North is so sweetly powerless to stop.

Although North’s mom captioned the photo simply “MOOD,” North’s no-nonsense glare conveys her total exasperation with Mommy’s compulsive love of the camera. Likewise, this pint-size prisoner of her parents’ outsized egos and need for ultra-public validation shrewdly blocks dad Kanye from that same camera, thus attempting—in her own small, sweetie pie little way—to save Daddy from his need for constant attention and the corrosive effect of so much cumulative self-obsession.


The fact that North’s mom still posted this photo to her millions of followers on Instagram proves that this lil’est cultural critic still has a long way to go in her efforts to get Mommy and Daddy to get a grip already. But hopefully, in time, North will succeed in pouting some sense into her parents, and cute, tiny, cooler heads will prevail.