June 1, 2016 News

Platinum-Blonde Bob The Style To Get If You’re One Of These Four People

Kicking off the official styling trend of the summer, Us Weekly notes that Hollywood is currently all about the platinum-blonde bob, with Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Emma Stone, and Kristen Stewart all rocking some variation on this edgy, close-cropped, bleached-out look. It’s official: This is the hairstyle to get, if you are one of these four women!

Otherwise, probably not.

Jennifer Lawrence was one of the first to adopt the nearly white hue on the red carpet for The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 2. “The eye-popping shade only made her blue eyes brighter,” Us rightly notes of one of the defining, necessary traits that makes this hairstyle work so flawlessly, along with a general level of physical beauty that can withstand being surrounded by tresses that accentuate any hidden flaw in your skin tone. Her bob also “added a little edge to her ensembles,” roughing up the insanely expensive gowns that give the expensive, yet intentionally cheap-looking blonde frizz the context in which they work specifically for Jennifer Lawrence, a very attractive and wealthy movie star.

It’s a great look to steal, if you’re Jennifer Lawrence!

Of course, you don’t have to be Jennifer Lawrence. You could also be Taylor Swift, another blue-eyed, meticulously blemish-free ice castle of a woman whose platinum-blonde bob is a lot like her regular blonde hair, only shorter and blonder. Swift debuted this totally wild slight variation on her hairstyle on the cover of Vogue, and has since been complementing it with “’90s punk outfits,” Us says. Only, you know, designer replicas with only the most marginal relation to “punk,” even its mall-friendly ’90s incarnation. Which is an important difference to consider when you are contemplating your own platinum-blonde bob, while also being Taylor Swift.

For Kristen Stewart, her personal stylist says going short and blonde has actually “softened her style,” inspiring her to dress Stewart in “more romantic silhouettes.” Say, have you ever thought about your silhouettes? Could you even begin to describe them in terms of how “romantic” they are? Right, so maybe just stop considering whether chopping all of your hair off and dying it white will “soften” your own style, when it’s far more likely it will only erect an irradiated beacon around its many potholes as a warning to others.

Emma Stone also has a platinum blonde and is also blue-eyed and impossibly fucking gorgeous, so of course it also looks good.

Pretty women look pretty with whatever; they could shape their hair into the Poop emoji and the magazines would be falling all over themselves to declare “poo hair” a must-have. But unless you are Emma Stone, or Jennifer Lawrence, or Kristen Stewart, or Taylor Swift, there is a definite probability you will just look like a desperate, trend-chasing shithead.

But if you’re one of these four people, go for it!