November 17, 2015 News

StarWipe’s Sexiest Man Alive: Our Wonderful Dad

It’s that time once again! Every year our editorial staff spends months culling through photos of the hottest celebrity heartthrobs looking for a hunky star with just the right combination of looks, style, and charisma to hold the vaunted title of our Sexiest Man Alive.

Arriving at a decision this year wasn’t easy. We spent many long nights sequestered in a conference room, surrounded by dozens of photos of shirtless Hollywood beefcakes, deadlocked over which juicy stud should rise above all the rest. But after a passionate and lengthy debate on the topic, a clear frontrunner finally emerged.

So with that in mind, we’re pleased to announce that StarWipe’s Sexiest Man Alive for 2015 is...

Our wonderful dad, Rick!

Once Dad’s name entered the conversation, the choice became self-evident. Sure, he may not have Chris Hemsworth’s strong jawline or Idris Elba’s piercing eyes; but you gotta admit, for 61, our dad is looking pretty good. He goes running several times a week and has been looking pretty trim ever since Dr. Allen put him on a new low-sodium diet. And after seeing him and Mom hit the dance floor at our cousin Meredith’s wedding last August, it was pretty clear that, despite his arthritis, Dad’s still got some serious moves.

Just like some of StarWipe’s previous sexiest men alive—whether they be Ewan McGregor or Brad Pitt—Dad has a unique style that’s all his own. No one else at IBM can wear an IBM company polo like Dad does. And though Jon Hamm certainly cleans up well, no one looks as sharp as Dad when he puts on the freshly dry-cleaned Brooks Brothers shirt that Mom got him last Christmas.

More quality time with Dad.
Our son, Timothy, loves spending time with “Pop-Pop,” our Sexiest Man Alive for 2015.

But “sexy” is about more than just physical appearance. Being sexy has a lot to do with “strong character,” something our dad has in spades. We didn’t always appreciate it when we were younger, but our dad was always looking out for us. Sure, we used to argue with him over stuff that seems pretty dumb now, like curfews and haircuts; but looking back, we’re grateful Dad was such a stickler for the rules. Not only did Dad work hard to put a roof over our head, but also he gave us the discipline to be who we are today. Now he’s a fantastic grandpa to Timothy, and even after 35 years of marriage, he’s still a loving husband to our equally amazing mom.

And is there anything sexier than commitment?

So no, you probably won’t see Dad taking his shirt off in the next Fast & Furious movie, but dang if he doesn’t deserve this title so much more than Vin Diesel or Dwayne Johnson. Neither of those guys were there to take us fishing or help us with the down payment on our first house. That was all Dad. Because when you get right down to it, Dad’s more than just the sexiest man alive in 2015 … he’s also our best friend.