TrendWatch: Certainly Not Capris

April 12, 2016 TrendWatch
It seems that no matter where you look these days, people certainly aren’t wearing capris. Celebrity tastemakers won’t flaunt them, style bloggers aren’t photographing them, and models are storming the runways with bold, capris-free ensembles. Check out just how easy and versatile this trend can be. More…

TrendWatch: Nostalgia For The 1970s, The First Decade Of America’s Decline

January 14, 2016 TrendWatch
Don’t believe your calendar! It may say 2016, but according to some of today’s hottest looks, it’s clearly the 1970s—the first decade of America’s hopeless decline from a peak of post-World War II greatness. That’s right: ’70s styles are back! Just check out some of these outfits that harken back to a period U.S. historians have dubbed “The Great Malaise.” More…

TrendWatch: Looking Like You’ve Given Up

January 7, 2016 TrendWatch
Most fashion trends cater to people who would like to look put-together, both in style and in life. But what about the rest of us, for whom just getting out of bed in the morning is a Herculean endeavor? Hollywood’s latest trend—wearing pajamas in public—finally gives the rest of us a fashion-forward way to look like we’ve given up. More…