February 3, 2016 Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity Birthdays: February 3


All of George Clooney’s friends were so tired of his pranks that they all got together and convinced this beautiful, accomplished human rights attorney to marry him as a goof.

You’re the prank master, Amal Clooney, and you’re 38 today!


Gwyneth Paltrow is all her fault.

Today is Blythe Danner’s 73rd birthday!


It’s hard to forget Henry Fonda’s thrilling performance as a determined juror out for justice in 12 Angry Men. However, it’s very easy to forget this guy’s performance as one of the indecisive jurors who didn’t contribute much to the plot.

Actor John Fiedler would have been 91 years old today!


Were he alive, he would probably be forced to paint iconic American images of Kim Kardashian.

Norman Rockwell is glad he’s not 122 today!


Psst! Mr. Berman’s 10th grade history class, this guy is the answer to No. 8 on your quiz!

American journalist and politician Horace Greeley was born this day in 1811.