February 8, 2016 Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity Birthdays: February 8


We hope he gets a happy birthday from Optimus Prime and Han Solo, and other nostalgic references disguised as comedy!

Robot Chicken creator Seth Green turns 42 today!


Only a kiss from a handsome prince can free her from eternal enslavement as Flo from Progressive.

The cursed Stephanie Courtney is 46.


He’s the author of many great legal thrillers like The Firm, The Pelican Brief, The Lawyer Guy, Guilty Until Proven Different From That, Who Done The Crime, Really? and Court Stuff.

John Grisham is 61!


He tragically died after having starred in only three feature films and long before audiences could realize he was just an okay actor.

Today, James Dean would have been 85 and maybe have lived up to the hype?


Since it’s his birthday, hopefully God lets him visit Walter Matthau in hell.

Jack Lemmon would have been 91 today.