January 20, 2016 Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity Birthdays: January 20


He was the second man to walk on the moon, but the first to treat the moon with the kindness, respect, and tenderness it deserved.

Buzz Aldrin is 86 today!


When a Republican says they have a black friend, they mean they saw her deliver some of her outspoken conservative views on Fox News one time.

Today, Stacey Dash turns 49!


He based his character in The Office on how hilarious he thinks it is that he never has to endure that sort of corporate drudgery.

Rainn Wilson is 50 and he’s laughing at you! They all were!


New Rule: You only get to celebrate your birthday if you stop condemning Islam.

Sorry, Bill Maher! Those are the New Rules! You also don’t get any weed!


In your dreams last night, you saw a man who had no face, playing with a dog who had no legs. It was dark, but there was music, and the sound of a meadowlark. Suddenly, a clown brought out a cake. The dog ate the cake and became very ill. It vomited blood until it died. When you woke up, you were laughing.

That means it’s David Lynch’s 70th birthday!