January 27, 2016 Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity Birthdays: January 27


As a former member of the Church of Scientology and the former wife of Tom Cruise, she was probably formerly privy to some pretty crazy behind-closed-doors stuff.

But today, Mimi Rogers is just 60 and that’s it really.


You may know him as the lead singer of Faith No More. Or as the lead singer of Mr. Bungle. Or for his work with Fantômas. Or Tomahawk. Or the avant-garde albums he did with John Zorn. Or his upcoming album with the supergroup Nevermen.

Jeez, Mike Patton is 48 and can take a fucking vacation already.


Her name is what British people call a street sign.

Rosamund Pike is 37 today!


He banged all of Salieri’s girlfriends to Symphony No. 36.

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart would have been 260!


With his tastes for drugs and underage girls, he was basically the first modern celebrity.

Lewis Carroll was born today in 1832.