October 19, 2015 Celebrity Birthdays

Celebrity Birthdays: October 19


He will gladly direct your short film if you offer a slice of pizza, soda, and an IMDB credit.

Today, Jon Favreau turns 49!


She tries not to fall madly in love with every person who tweets “#SixSeasonsAndAMovie” at her, but damn it, it’s hard.

Community star Gillian Jacobs is 33!


Much like his Footloose character, he believes children should not be allowed to dance.

John Lithgow is 70!


South Park was super hot in, what, 1998? But he still does a Cartman voice, like, all the time.

You’re 46, Trey Parker! Grow up!


Yeah, yeah, yeah. She ate dog shit in a movie that one time. She was a real person with feelings and friends and family who loved her, you know. Jesus.

Divine, who ate dog shit, would have been 70 today.