December 21, 2015 Slideshow

6 Celebrities Who Have Suffered Head Trauma That Support Donald Trump

Every four years, presidential candidates try their hardest to secure celebrity endorsements—and this year’s certainly no different. Here are just some of the big stars who have suffered severe or repeated head trauma and are now throwing their support behind GOP frontrunner Donald Trump!


Mike Tyson


Here’s a big name hitching himself to the Trump bandwagon! Mike Tyson—a veteran of more than 50 professional boxing matches who’s been punched in the head countless times with devastating ferocity—recently told The Huffington Post that he thinks Trump should be president. We’re sure Trump’s grateful for the support from this professional athlete whose behavior has become even more violent and erratic as he’s gotten older!


Hulk Hogan


Looks like Trump has another heavyweight supporter in his corner! Not only did the Hulkster tell TMZ last August that he wanted to be Trump’s running mate, he also told Wrestle Zone last January that concussions were not a concern back when he was part of the WWE, adding that he made no effort to protect his head from the steel chairs that were regularly belted against his skull. That ought to add some real power to Trump’s base!


Terrell Owens


Holy moly! We bet Trump would love to get former NFL wide receiver Terrell Owens out on the campaign trail with him. “This may be what the country needs and Trump ... he’s a guy who won’t put up with B.S. and has what it takes to change how government is run,” said Owens, a man who played professional football for 14 years, during a period when the league was made increasingly aware of the risk of long-term cognitive impairment arising from repeated concussions, yet did nothing. Hey, who has time for that B.S.?


Tom Brady


And here’s another endorsement that could really prove useful to the Trump campaign. This longtime New England Patriots quarterback and sufferer of countless blows to the head—which doctors say could contribute to the debilitating neurological disorder known as chronic traumatic encephalopathy—could easily help shore up Trump’s support in the New Hampshire primary. Patriots gotta stick together!


Jesse Ventura


Another pro-Trump pro-wrestler who hails from the days before rigorous concussion-monitoring, and he’s an avowed 9/11 Truther? Seriously, do any of Trump’s rivals even stand a chance at this point?


Gary Busey


Look, we know the election is a year away, but this has gotta be Trump’s game to lose! If he can secure the support of Gary Busey—an actor who crashed his motorcycle while not wearing a helmet, suffering a traumatic brain injury that severely weakened his mental filters, causing him to speak and act impulsively—then we’d say he’s pretty much won the race. As goes Busey, so goes the nation!