March 8, 2016 Slideshow

6 Stars Looking So Happy, They Must Have Won Their Battles With Depression

It’s always a downer when you hear that one of your favorite celebs suffers from clinical depression. The good news is, we found incontrovertible proof that these six stars have triumphed over their mental illness and are feelin‘ fine!


Hayden Panettiere


Following the birth of her daughter, Kaya, Hayden Panettiere went through a well-publicized bout of postpartum depression, a condition she characterized as “completely uncontrollable.” But as the picture above shows, she’s now capable of smiling! She must have found a way to control it after all, and move on from that dark phase forever.


Demi Lovato


We must confess: We were a little worried when we heard that singer Demi Lovato had dealt with depression and bipolar disorder for several years, not to mention self-harm and eating disorders. But then we saw her shimmying next to Lionel Richie in this photo from the Grammys, and we breathed a sigh of relief. After all, it’s common knowledge that a depressed person is incapable of dancing, singing, and interacting with others without sobbing uncontrollably—all symptoms that Lovato has obviously overcome, and permanently at that!


Pete Wentz


Pete Wentz once said that his depression felt “addictive.” This photo, however, shows the Fall Out Boy bassist clearly giving a thumbs-up to the camera in a gesture of cheer. Any show of cheer is the opposite of depression, which is a synonym for sadness, and therefore Wentz is now the opposite of depressed. (If he were giving a thumbs-down to the camera, of course, there might be reason for alarm.)


Sheryl Crow


“Depression has been part of my existence for as long as I can remember,” Sheryl Crow once told Blender magazine. However, judging by the grin on her face and the jaunty way she’s holding her guitar in this photo, this Grammy-winning songwriter has turned a much happier corner. We’re sure that once Sheryl stopped to think about the many ways in which she’s fortunate, she was able to banish her blues. That’s because depression is an illness bound by logic; it will flee from you if you simply point out how nonsensical and inconvenient it is. Great job flipping that switch in your brain, Sheryl! You’re an inspiration.


Wayne Brady


Sorry, therapists. But if this picture of a peppy and busy Wayne Brady is any indication, he’s moved on from his “complete breakdown” and is all done seeing mental health professionals!


Owen Wilson


A suicide attempt in 2007 and rumors of drug addiction have long haunted Owen Wilson’s career. But here he is, cracking up on some panel for Zoolander 2, clearly cured. There’s absolutely no sign of a small, dark cloud perpetually hovering over and raining on him. And besides, if Owen Wilson—or any of these stars—were still feeling sad, they probably would have told us about it by now! After all, depression isn’t one of those things you keep to yourself.