April 5, 2016 Slideshow

6 Ungrateful Stars Who Have Yet To Publicly Thank God For Their Success

When you make it to the top, it’s only fair to publicly acknowledge the supreme being responsible. Here are six self-centered celebrities who have failed to do so.


Anna Kendrick


This Pitch Perfect star may be able to carry a tune, but thus far Anna Kendrick hasn’t sung God’s praises in public. After failing to find a single interview in which she mentioned the almighty Lord and credited him with all that she has, we thought perhaps she’d chosen to express her gratitude online. But poring over her entire Twitter timeline turned up nothing—not even a single “#PraiseBeToHim.”


Idris Elba


Following a masterful performance in Beasts Of No Nation, Idris Elba recently landed the lead role in the upcoming adaptation of Stephen King’s The Dark Tower. Things are going so well for him, you’d expect to hear many a jubilant exultation thanking the Lord, our God. Yet no such cry has left Elba’s lips. We thought maybe he’d finally drop to his knees and thank God at the Golden Globes, where he had two God-given nominations, but he didn’t even attend. Unfortunately, Elba seems to think his talent and hard work are responsible for his success.


Joe Manganiello


Joe Manganiello stole hearts as a rough-and-rowdy werewolf in True Blood, and his dance routines in the Magic Mike series are undeniably sexy. And yet, he neglects to recognize God at every turn—clearly way more into his lascivious pursuit of wife Sofía Vergara than he is into hourly prayer and penance. Most perplexingly of all, God isn’t even mentioned in his book, which promises to give you a “perfect body” as though you—and not the All-Powerful Creator—have control over your temple. Sorry to say, but Joe Manganiello is destined for hell.


Aubrey Plaza


Publicly thanking God should be an obvious course of action when you’re cast in one of the most beloved modern sitcoms. But if you watch every episode of Parks And Recreation, you’ll notice that not once does Aubrey Plaza break character to express her deep appreciation for the Lord. In fact, there’s not a single instance of her ever receiving communion on screen! We watched the series again at half-speed to double-check, hoping that we were wrong, but no.


Chris Hemsworth


Playing a (false) god is liable to go to anyone’s head, but that doesn’t mean that Thor star Chris Hemsworth is exempt from giving God his due. God propelled Hemsworth from starring in an Australian soap opera to becoming People’s Sexiest Man Alive in 2014. God gave him a starring role in the Avengers franchise, as well as his own character series. And Hemsworth? He’s on Ellen talking about his brother’s relationship with Miley Cyrus, an act synonymous with spitting in God’s face.


Helen Mirren


Of course we had to put Helen Mirren on this list. Her lack of humility before God and his many blessings is truly upsetting. As the recipient of an Academy Award, an Emmy, a Tony, and damehood (awarded by God through the queen), Mirren has all the reason in the world to bow her head during every interview and murmur her thanks to the Holy Ghost. However, she seems committed to believing that she and the mortals who supported her deserve credit for her illustrious career. We fear she will realize the error of her ways only when it is too late. Have mercy on the ungrateful Dame Helen Mirren, God! She knows not what she does!