February 11, 2016 Slideshow

7 Older Actresses That Are Total GILFs (Great Influences On The Legacy Of Film)

American culture has increasingly placed an emphasis on young, fresh-faced starlets while turning a cold shoulder to actresses who have supposedly aged out of the range of desirability. Nevertheless, it’s impossible to ignore the fact that these seven older actresses are total GILFs (Great Influences on the Legacy of Film)!


Susan Sarandon


From her critically acclaimed performance in Thelma And Louise to her scintillating roles in Bull Durham and Rocky Horror Picture Show, Susan Sarandon is—without a doubt—a straight-up GILF. If her recent jaw-dropping appearance at the SAG Awards proves anything, it’s that Susan Sarandon’s influence on the film industry is as strong as ever. People just love to ogle her talent!


Blythe Danner


Sure, maybe she’s not as young and hip as her daughter, Gwyneth Paltrow, but Blythe Danner has her own set of assets that are definitely worthy of your attention. From her dramatic work in The Great Santini to her comedic performance in the Meet The Parents franchise, even her grandchildren would agree: Blythe Danner has proven herself to be a grade-A GILF!


Helen Mirren


There isn’t a day that goes by that we don’t hear somebody say, “Boy, that Helen Mirren. What a GILF!” And we always have to agree. Just last week, we were telling our mom that Helen Mirren’s performance in The Queen was totally GILF-worthy, but she said she didn’t think that sort of talk was appropriate. Some people just don’t respect older actresses!


Diane Keaton


Major GILF alert! We’re always saying how Diane Keaton’s performances in Annie Hall and The Godfather made her a GILF a long, long time ago, and people are always like, “What?” But hey, we’re just being honest!


Maggie Smith


Whenever we’re live-tweeting Downton Abbey, we always talk about what a GILF Maggie Smith is, and usually people respond, “Do you know what GILF means?” Uh, duh! And, more importantly, we’re positive Maggie Smith is one. Maybe you don’t remember who she is. Just do an image search and you’ll know—this dame is a GILF!


Dame Judi Dench


If you don’t think Dame Judi Dench is a GILF, then maybe you just don’t know what a GILF is. And that’s too bad for you because each one of these choice GILFs is a well-rounded performer bursting with ample talent. We implore you: Next time you’re home alone, do an internet search for “GILF videos.” We wouldn’t be surprised if every single one of them featured Dench!


Angela Lansbury


We know she’s more known for her work on TV than her films, but it just doesn’t make sense to talk about the GILFs of Hollywood and not mention Angela Lansbury. She’s a total 10 in our book when it comes to her acting—and, honestly, we’d watch this GILF read the phone book if she’d let us.

Also, we’d like to have sex with her.