January 5, 2016 Slideshow

The Cast Of Mad About You: Where Are They Now That We’re Mad About ISIS?

A gentle comedy about a married couple living in New York, Mad About You was a quintessentially ’90s sitcom whose talented cast made the everyday entertaining. Where are those warm and witty Mad About You actors now that we’re mad about the global threat posed by the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria?


Paul Reiser


From 1992 to 1999, we watched Paul Reiser play Paul Buchman, a mild-mannered nice guy struggling as a documentary filmmaker—and as a husband. Since Mad About You, Reiser has worked steadily on a wide range of TV and film projects, including a role in the Oscar-nominated Whiplash and a recent stint on FX’s Married. The busy actor has credits in no fewer than four films coming out this year, none of which appear likely to check the devastating influence of ISIS. The way that ISIS has coopted the peaceful religion of Islam—now that is something to be “mad about”!


Helen Hunt


During her run as Mad About You’s Jamie Stemple Buchman—a driven public relations professional and loving wife—Helen Hunt also achieved movie stardom, co-starring in Twister and winning an Academy Award for her role in As Good As It Gets. Hunt is currently in pre-production on the Dakota Fanning drama Please Stand By, whereas ISIS continues to support an agenda of terror and intercultural strife, tearing a path of destruction through the international community.


John Pankow


John Pankow played Paul’s cousin Ira Buchman, a confirmed bachelor who worked a steady but dull job in the family sporting goods store. Since then, Pankow has remained in TV, most notably serving as a series regular on the Showtime series Episodes, which debuted in 2011. A mere three years later, ISIS declared caliphate, claiming religious, political, and military authority over Muslims worldwide. Still, the vast majority of Muslims don’t agree with ISIS or the principles of Sharia law—just like Paul was never on board with any of Ira’s harebrained schemes!


Leila Kenzle


Of course, ISIS clearly doesn’t really care if anyone agrees with them. In fact, many analysts believe that tactics like mass executions of civilians and public beheadings of western journalists are actually deliberate attempts to spark global war and chaos. Isn’t that insane? Coincidentally, Mad About You’s Leila Kenzle—after playing Jamie’s best friend, Fran Devanow—obtained a masters degree in clinical psychology and now works as a marriage and family therapist in Los Angeles. Why can’t ISIS do something nice like that?


Richard Kind


In Mad About You, Richard Kind played Dr. Mark Devanow, Fran’s ex-husband and father of their child. Kind has remained an active, beloved character actor, recently doing the voice of Bing Bong in Inside Out and playing a no-good public school teacher on Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. Furthermore, as if the atrocities committed by ISIS weren’t enough, now our own politicians are hitching their wagons to fear of ISIS in order to benefit from American xenophobia. They’re dragging us right down into the mud.

Richard Kind was also on Gotham!


Anne Ramsay


Throwing Paul and Jamie’s stable domestic life into chaos was Jamie’s freeloading, neurotic sister Lisa, played by Anne Ramsay, who was always bursting into Paul and Jamie’s apartment to discuss her latest low-stakes crisis. Paul and Jamie usually found a way to put out proverbial fires for Lisa, and yet, now that Ramsay occasionally portrays Winifred Wilkes on CW series Hart Of Dixie—and the ISIS power grab in Syria has created the worst refugee crisis in recent memory—Paul and Jamie are nowhere to be found. Who’s going to pour us a glass of wine, sit us down on the couch, and listen to us talk about this weird dream we keep having where the Syrian refugees attempting to flee ISIS keep getting discriminated against for fear they’ll spread the very worldview they’re trying to escape?




Finally, who could forget Murray, the Buchmans’ trusty dog? Played by a collie mix named Maui, Murray also filled the symbolic role of Paul and Jamie’s child until the birth of their baby, Mabel, in season five. Having gone from shelter rescue dog to two-time winner of the TV Guide readers’ choice for “Most Popular Dog,” Maui has long since died. But ISIS is still going strong, which only throws into sharp relief just how much we could use an awesome dog like Murray right now. We wish Maui were here, proliferating puppies to topple the world order with fluffy little puppy kisses; instead all we have is stupid, globally destructive ISIS. Where’s the cast of Mad About You when you really need it?