December 14, 2015 Slideshow

The Cast Of Sister, Sister: Where Are They Now And Are They Still Sisters?

In the 1990s, everyone’s favorite twins were Tia and Tamera, the perfectly opposite—yet perfectly complementary—pair behind Sister, Sister! Find out how these sisters have been doing for themselves since the show ended, and whether they’re still sisters!


Tia Mowry


As Tia Landry, Tia Mowry was the book-smart half of everyone’s favorite twins—although, people often couldn’t help but mistake her for her sister, Tamera! But since Sister, Sister went off the air in 1999, though, that certainly hasn’t been the case: Tia carved out her own individual acting career with stints on the hit BET comedy The Game and, more recently, the Fox series Rosewood. But while that answers the question of where Tia is now, what you really want to know is, are she and her Sister, Sister co-star still sisters? After all, you haven’t seen them be sisters on the TV since their 2011 reality series Tia & Tamera, so it’s a perfectly valid question.

But take heart, Sister, Sister fans! Tia said earlier this year she’d “love to” have a reunion with Tamera, suggesting that it’s possible they are still sisters!


Tamera Mowry


Of course, family is a two-way street, so what about Tamera Mowry? You may remember her as the boy-crazy Tamera Landry, the twin who’d much rather scheme and daydream while her nerdy sister does all the work! After Sister, Sister, Tamera forged her own acting path by starring in the medical drama Strong Medicine and the sitcom Roommates, but she’s probably best known these days for co-hosting The Real, where she dishes out the daily dirt­­­—and the truth! But is Tamera Mowry still sisters with her sister, Sister, Sister co-star Tia Mowry? Well, according to recent interviews, she would also “love to” have a reunion, if they can just “get the powers that be to actually do it.” So that definitely sounds like she’s considering it!


Jackée Harry


But what about the rest of the Sister, Sister cast—like Jackée Harry, who played Tia’s adoptive mother, Lisa? Jackée (as she’s better known) has continued to be a welcome TV presence in shows like Everybody Hates Chris, The First Family, Glee, and In The Cut; and she remains one of the most celebrated African-American TV actresses in the business. But is she still sisters? Tamera Mowry said in her interview that “Jackée wants to do it,” but we guess until Jackée says so herself, the verdict is still out!


Tim Reid


Tim Reid’s Ray Campbell—Tamera’s dad and proud owner of Ray’s Limo Service—was just another in a long line of TV roles for the actor, who also had memorable characters on WKRP In Cincinnati, Simon & Simon, That ’70s Show, Frank’s Place, and most recently, Treme. So to be perfectly blunt, asking whether he is still sisters is kind of a stupid question. Campbell had a perfectly fine career before Sister, Sister, and he continued to have a perfectly fine one after the show ended. Also, he is a male, and therefore biologically incapable of being anyone’s “sister.”

And yet here you are, asking where the cast of Sister, Sister is now and whether they’re still sisters. So apparently we have to spell these things out for you. These are ostensibly questions you wanted the answer to.


Marques Houston


Hey, remember Marques Houston? He played the girls’ annoying next-door neighbor Roger and is also a man. So no, he can’t be anyone’s sister—either then or now. He’s also been in some more movies and TV shows and has released several R&B albums. But that’s not what you’re asking, is it?

No, you want to know whether the people from Sister, Sister continue to be sisters, even though that’s a completely illogical question. Of course the sisters in Sister, Sister are still sisters! Short of one of the sisters undergoing gender reassignment surgery, there’s literally nothing—not even death—that changes the nature of that relationship! This question could have easily been answered by a biology textbook, or a dictionary.


RonReaco Lee


So rather than getting mad at us for making a slideshow with a dumb premise, maybe ask yourself why you clicked already knowing that the Sister, Sister cast probably went on to do some other stuff in the entertainment industry, that they all look much older, and that sisters are always sisters. Was it just so you could find out that the guy who played “Tyreke” spent a few seasons on BET’s Let’s Stay Together? You could have read that on IMDb. Also, you know, not even Tamera Mowry mentioned him during all that reunion talk, so literally not even the sister from Sister, Sister is wondering where that guy is now. Think about that before you get all huffy on social media.


Deon Richmond


Anyway, you’ll remember Deon Richmond as Tamera’s boyfriend Jordan, and after the show he did some horror movies like Scream 3 and Hatchet. And yep! He’s still sisters!

There. That’s what you wanted to hear, right? God, you make us sick.