March 6, 2016 Slideshow

Former Child Stars Who Gained A Shocking Amount Of Weight By Maturing Into Adults

Sadly, these stars have really let their childish figures grow!


Anna Chlumsky


Back in the ’90s, the world fell in love with cute little Anna Chlumsky as Vada Sultenfuss in My Girl. But time is notoriously unkind to child stars, and, sadly, Chlumsky really put on some developmentally appropriate weight as she matured into an adult. Today, at 35, she is easily 40 whole pounds heavier than she was at age 10!


Jonathan Lipnicki


Jerry Maguire fans couldn’t get enough of adorably precocious child actor Jonathan Lipnicki and his chubby little cheeks. Unfortunately, Lipnicki’s cheeks aren’t so little any more. In fact, Lipnicki has gained so much weight since he was a first grader, he’s practically quadrupled in size! We can only hope these photos will serve as a wake-up call to Lipnicki, who—with hard work and discipline—might be able to get his pre-puberty body back someday.


Madeline Zima


Somebody break out the kale! Madeline Zima was once known to millions as precious little Gracie Sheffield on The Nanny. But once the series stopped filming, it seems that Zima pretty much abandoned being a child altogether, packing on height-pound after height-pound until her inseam grew to probably at least 10 inches longer, rendering her morbidly obese for the 9-year-old frame she once had.


Macaulay Culkin


If the scrawny kid who played Kevin McCallister in Home Alone had known he’d grow up to be such a bloated-up lard-ass, he probably would have screamed into that mirror even louder! Macaulay Culkin has gained so much weight since childhood, it’s hard to even look at him now that he‘s piled on a whopping 26 extra years to his frame, rendering him unspeakably and puke-inducingly fat, relatively speaking.


Emma Watson


Whale alert! She was such a slender, small-boned little girl back in the early Harry Potter movies, but it looks like Emma “Michelin Man” Watson has pretty much zero self-control when it comes to having gone through puberty. We suspect this shocking body transformation from kid to comparative cow might have something to do with Watson’s rumored addiction to developing normally over time, and now it looks like she might never lose the increased lean muscle and marginally wider hip span that distinguishes her adult body from that of a child. You and basic human anatomy disgust us, Emma.