June 16, 2016 Slideshow

The Nicest Trench Coats For Reading Neil Gaiman At The Bar

Whether you’re brooding over a glass of murky absinthe or brooding over a moderately priced IPA, nothing pairs better with a night at the bar like a nice trench coat and the selected works of Neil Gaiman. Here are five of the nicest trench coats you can wear during your solo night on the town with your favorite author.


This black, double-breasted trench coat from Zara is the perfect look for an evening out at the local dive bar, where you’ll sit alone at a table for two with your well-worn copy of American Gods. The simple design and discreet belt are great for contemplating the morally gray depths of American mythology that only a native Brit could write about.

Double-Breasted Trench Coat from Zara


Nothing says “Yes, I’ve read the entire Vertigo series of Sandman comics” like this navy blue twill trench coat from Topman. And with the additional buttoned gun flap and stiff yet dapper collar, you can bet everybody knows you have many, many things to say about the Sandman film currently in production limbo and why it will never work.

Navy Bonded Twill Trench Coat from Topman


But perhaps you’re going for a more understated look? Something that says “Yeah, I know it’s too dark in here to actually see the words on the page in front of me, but that’s just how much I love the novelization of Neverwhere.” Snag one of these affordable wool top coats from Nautica and begin your long night of pretending it’s not 85 degrees outside and that a wool coat isn’t far from comfortable.

Men’s Brown Herringbone Single-Breasted Wool Topcoat from Nautica


This lightweight trench from DKNY may not get you any more views on your DeviantArt page, but at the very least it will get some concerned looks from your fellow bar patrons as you scribble incessantly in the margins of your copy of Good Omens. If anyone asks, you can explain how the combination of Terry Pratchett’s untethered imagination with Gaiman’s dark, sardonic wit is just the kind of thing that gets your creative juices flowing.

But don’t worry, nobody will ask.

Belted Trench Coat from DKNY


If subtlety isn’t your thing, then maybe you’d be interested in the Necessary Evil “Marduk” hooded trench coat? With its unnecessary buckles and fully zippered high-collar/hood combo, it perfectly encapsulates your desire to be left completely alone while also being the absolute center of attention. Why else would you be at this bar at 7:30 p.m. on a Thursday with a large stack of Neil Gaiman books and half-pack of clove cigarettes unless you wanted everyone to know how unconcerned/desperate you are for their approval?

Necessary Evil “Marduk” Hooded Trench Coat from Amazon